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Memory Mansion: How to Glow the Fu%k Up

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Get the new book by Intention Founder, ShamanIsis, arriving Feb 3rd, 2024

“Cindy, you asked me to warn you if anyone ever came looking for you. Now might be a good time to get lost,” starts the astonishing new self-love memoir Memory Mansion: How To Glow The Fu%k Up by philosopher and mystic Shaman Isis, who pens a powerful and inspiring story of resilience, healing, and transformation.

She never used her real name during the decades she was on the run, initially from a human trafficking ring and eventually from her own mistakes. Still, she managed a 
Cinderella-like fashion career in NYC, a city the FBI helped her run to in the mid-90s. Her dark secrets and culture-influencing work, which created the influencer marketing industry and inspired several episodes of Sex and the City, also caused her a breakdown and dramatic transformation.

Memory Mansion, named after the mansion in her mind where she stored her wild-child memories, shares the madly 
entertaining, darkly humorous, and motivational story of the orphan turned accidental fashion pioneer turned spiritual guru Shaman Isis.

Be prepared to
 laugh, cry, and look at your life’s potential with new eyes in Memory Mansion: How To Glow The Fu%k Up.

Arrives Feb 3 and ships Feb 10th. 


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