“If we aim to make inclusively designed clothing, we are more likely to be wearable by many people for years to come. Keeping those styles minimal, comfortable, and in performance level fabrics increases its wearability, which is paramount. As an eco-friendly brand, we celebrate clothing that is as multipurpose as it is multi-people. We will always strive to be a better solution.” Cynthia Srednicki, Creative Director


As a child, I delighted in drawing gowns and dreamed of working in fashion one day. That dream came true, and I have enjoyed a blessed career. Over time, as my experiences grew, so did my conscience. The word trend started to give me and my progressive and thoughtful business partner, Gerard Rogan, the hives, just like many of the fabrics that are not skin-friendly. We became very concerned about human rights, overconsumption, the lack of transparency, and manufacturing in America. I began to dress earth-friendly and revisited my buying habits. Over time, we discovered not only how few eco-friendly brands fit my curvy frame, but we were shocked to find out how many brands were being less than then-forthcoming, all to sell eco-fantasies. That did it. The more we dug, the more disgusted we became. The seeds for Intention were now firmly planted. We wrote our brand vision, began extensive research and channeled our frustration, drive, and energy into creating Intention—sustainable fashion essentials for your eco-friendly wardrobe.

Together, we applied our years of fashion, technology, and manufacturing experience, solving business problems and creating successful solutions for clients, toward building a sustainable collection that was a solution for women with my same challenges. We wanted to develop multipurpose fashion essentials that embody the fewer, better principle. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We even researched all of our designs to confirm that each garment's general silhouette had been stylish for many decades, and those that stood the test of time made the cut.

We were set to launch last year when the country suddenly faced unprecedented times. After thinking it over, we decided to wait for the world to get some much-needed good news before launching. The mental and physical well-being of people will always come first. Although the shut-down meant launching later, and without the additional pieces we expected to have in organic cotton, cupro, and cruelty-free silk; it was the right thing to do.

We look forward to bringing you those styles soon. Because the beauty of making seasonless fashion essentials is they can come out whenever they are ready! Isn’t breaking the rules a beautiful thing!
The whole experience has only served to reaffirm and strengthen our commitment. We need to take care of ourselves and our planet and look forward to growing with you, building an inspiring community, and continuing to offer solutions for your eco-friendly wardrobe. Even if our world were perfect tomorrow, we would still owe it to ourselves and our shared home to make the next choices, better choices.

So, without further delay, welcome to Intention, Sustainable Fashion.


Supporting valued charities and organizations has always been a part of our DNA. Each year we commit time and funds to charities and organizations that support vital initiatives. We believe in supporting various groups that address a wide range of social and environmental issues, such as human rights, homeless shelters, trafficking, animal welfare, cancer research, women's rights, blindness, LGBT+, and more.

We look forward to continuing this legacy with Intention by supporting green initiatives, human rights, transparency, and sustainability at Intention and across the fashion industry.


It sounds crazy, we know, but we only want you to buy when you feel that piece will become one of your favorites. We encourage everyone to visit their wardrobe and consider giving it an Intention makeover. Coming Spring 2021, the Intention EcoWarbobe workbook.


We broke as many "fashion rules" as we could. That was the approach our early research dictated. If we were going to make multipurpose, comfortable fashion essentials that were sustainable, then starting from the ground-up, like novices, and breaking the rules was the best route to a strategic new approach to fashion. We are now even more committed to supporting research, adapting advancements that support positive environmental and social change, and providing people with beautiful eco-friendly clothing that lasts a lifetime.


How did we break the rules? First, we started research three years ago. We could have made it easy by just ringing up contacts, but what would we learn by taking the easy way? Exactly. So, we went about the process as though we were new to fashion. We wanted to know if the industry was really in as bad a shape as many believed. Without ranting about some of our more colorful experiences, we got to "enjoy" by playing dumb. Let's just say that a year and a half later - we were officially disgusted. More importantly, we were inspired, inspired to be a part of the change that needs to occur globally.

Intention's strategy will address critical social and environmental issues of prime importance to the fashion industry today. Our goal is to provide sustainable apparel solutions, ensure a future for our supporters across our supply chain, and leave a better planet for forthcoming generations. We aren't perfect, but we will work very hard to offer you positive solutions and continue to evolve as advancements become available. Developing and expanding responsible sourcing practices is a top priority at Intention. Working with vendors supporting traceability and practicing fair working conditions across our supply chain is fundamental to our values.

In addition to producing and testing different sample sizes, we tried those samples on different size fit models, and only those pieces that look great on many shapes move on to production. Intention utilizes small production runs for proof of concept and will use customer feedback, sales data, and new advancements in the industry to expand on what works. These experiences will help us perfect the product line and ensure we produce beloved pieces for years to come. Between sustainable fabrics, our dip-dye color process, limited production runs, and sample testing, Intention aims to offer clothing solution's to women who struggle to find fashion essentials for their sustainable wardrobe.

Intention supports changes in our laws as well as action and reform. We are committed to contributing to global climate action, promoting energy efficiency in our operations (Ex: we use led lamps, not wasteful panels of overhead lights), minimizing waste, and reducing the environmental impact through sustainable packaging and carbon-neutral shipping.

We commit to building upon this vision. We want to play our part in creating a more positive fashion industry, continually enhancing our action's transparency and communicating our practices.

We are sensitive to our planet's wellbeing. We use and promote certified organic or recycled and regenerated textile wherever possible to minimize ecological and social harm. Alongside our diverse selection of fabrics, we work with our vendors to be energy-efficient. One great example of this in action is when one vendor waited until all our production fabric was in one central location before shipping it out. This method allowed us to ship the bulk of our production fabric at one time, versus the countless shipments that are the norm these days.

We are excited to begin our journey with you and look forward to sharing what we learn and publishing our annual report and will embrace your feedback with an open mind.


Lyocell is a type of cellulose fiber derived from sustainable wood sources harvested and certified according to Lenzing’s strict guidelines. Low toxicity solvents are used (and recycled to be used again) to convert wood pulp into fiber. Lyocell is the only fully closed loop cellulose fiber on the market. It has excellent yarn tenacity and is delicious on your skin, is thermal regulated, naturally resistant to bacteria, and biodegradable.


Bamboo is a type of viscose made from the fiber found in the center of bamboo stems. Bamboo is a fast-growing renewable plant that, yeah, doesn’t require harmful chemical pesticides or lots of water to grow. The finished fabric is butter soft, luxurious and breathable, with temperature and humidity regulating properties and deodorizing and anti-bacterial properties.

Recycled Polyester

Unlike virgin polyester, Recycled Polyester is made from plastic chips, which prevents the plastic from ending up in landfills. The waste is melted and spun into fiber that is used to make eco-friendly fabric.

Organic cotton

Currently, our fabric collection contains Organic Cotton, and we are delighted to be adding 100% organic cotton pieces to the Intention Collection in the year. Our Organic Cotton starts with untreated natural seeds and is grown without the use of nasty synthetic fertilizers. Composting and crop rotation help maintain the soil health by creating a biodiverse ecosystem, resulting in organic cotton plants that are more resistant to disease and pests, and it stops the use of pesticides suspected to be neurotoxic and carcinogenic.


All buttons from the Intention collection are sustainable and made of shell and hand-polished corozo.

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