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Multipurpose, sustainable fashion essentials for your wardrobe. Comfortable, tailored, luxury women's eco-friendly clothing that's great for sensitive skin

Intention is a sustainable women’s fashion brand that creates multipurpose fashion essentials for people who care about our planet and seek solutions for their earth-friendly wardrobe. Each piece of the Intention sustainable fashion collection has been thoughtfully designed to be a timeless, luxurious wardrobe essential that is carefully crafted to flatter women of many shapes, from curvy to slender.


Our biodiverse blend of certified, sustainable, and eco-friendly trims and fabrics, from ethical textile companies, allow us to create comfortable and versatile luxury clothing. That, combined with our refined, tailored patterns and paired with performance level comfort enable the Intention women ease of movement that carries her from morning to night. Made in Los Angeles with meticulous care by our distinguished production partner, TEG, Intention, Sustainable Fashion provides lasting value that makes each piece a treasured part of her wardrobe. Perfect for the woman who embraces the fewer, better principle, like our co-founders Gerard Rogan and Cynthia Srednicki.

Some like it slow

Intention was born out of a need for seasonless, slow fashion, and a love for the enduring but always stylish. Essentials that are functional, comfortable, versatile, and embody the quality and value of wardrobe essentials made with purpose in mind. Intention aims to bring ethically-made multipurpose fashion essentials that are better for our planet. Not to mention – make you look as good as you feel!

Say no to chemicals

Our dip dye process not only doesn’t produce the toxic water that is so harmful to our planet, it also offers clothing options for those who suffer from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). Our choice to use soft, comfortable fabrics that don’t cause the reactions associated with some natural and synthetic textiles ensures the best possible experience for our customers, especially those with sensitive skin.

The Future of Fashion


We are committed to manufacturing in America and seek only vendors, from textile to apparel manufacturers, that care as much as we do about our impact on people, animals, and the planet.

We are progressive, ethical, transparent, vegan and cruelty-free, and empowered by years of experience being genuine and direct—much to the chagrin of some, but the appreciation of others who care. Intention is dedicated to being a circular brand and looks forward to offering resell and upcycling this year. Our remnant fabric will be used to make patchwork apparel and totes and our scraps will be used for a variety of uses, such as filler and collaborative scrap initiatives.

We pledge to implement new sustainability advancements, as they become available to us, and look forward to announcing the green and humanitarian organizations that will receive a portion of our sales each year this year.

We are committed to being Carbon Negative by the end of our first year and will publish a sustainability report with measures we have taken to reach Carbon Negative status. Intention ships packages carbon-neutral and uses only used or sustainable shipping and packaging products from Eco-enclose.

We may not always be perfect, but we are 100% committed to helping people, bettering the planet, and educating and supporting our community. Come on, take a walk with us into the future of fashion.

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