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Intention Founder Shaman Isis aka Cynthia Elliott

Shaman Isis, aka Cynthia Elliott, Founder, PR Pioneer, & Author

Intention Founder, Author, Mindfulness Educator, and Communications Pioneer Shaman Isis (aka Cynthia Elliott) has been helping brands, executives, business icons, and celebrities realize their dreams for over two decades.

She began speaking about sustainability in the late '90s. When she first made vintage eyewear famous among many top celebrities. In 2007, in an attempt to get sustainability trending, Cynthia began dressing actresses in vintage gowns at award show events. It was an effort to speak to an alternative to buying new products. The move generated worldwide media attention but did not have the lasting effect she dreamed. 

In 2018, she started work on, the first sustainable fashion essentials collection for sensitive skin. The line is a tribute to the women in her family, especially her mother, Doris, whom taught her about the value of investment dressing.

Well-made fashion essentials that fit many sizes and can be styled in many ways are the ultimate in sustainable design. 

About Shaman Isis: 

Shaman Isis, also known as Cynthia L. Elliott, is a mindfulness educator & mentor specializing in emotional mastery, healing, and helping others build blissful lives & businesses. She is also a communication pioneer, author, adjunct professor, keynote speaker, & podcast host.

During her wild and fabulous journey, she founded three industries, influencer marketing, brand communications, and personal branding, now studied worldwide. It's a testament to anyone's ability to influence an industry. Along the way: she healed her history, recovered from depression, and discovered the 5 Minutes to Emotional Mastery Method. Which she now shares with others who want to live joyfully.

For over 15 years, she has helped people, brands, executives, and businesses realize their dreams. As an intuitive empath, educator, visionary, and leader, she drives change that uplifts lives, helps companies flourish, and shifts the cultural landscape.

She teaches executives, corporate teams, and businesses how to use emotional intelligence, disruption, communication, and innovation to create beautiful life and work experiences. She does this through writing, consulting, workshops, retreats, inspirational speeches, book signings, and virtual or in-person courses. She delights in helping professionals and businesses spread their wings and achieve their dream goals.

Cynthia has authored two books, Unleash the Empress (available on Amazon and Kindle) and her highly-anticipated new work, Memory Mansion—the inspiring true story of her extraordinary life journey.

She has appeared on Entertainment Tonight, E!, Access Hollywood, and Inside Edition. Her world-changing work has been featured in media such as Esquire, LA Times, The New York Times, Vogue, W, Wall Street Journal, and New York Magazine. . 

Her kindness, beautiful energy, and directness keep her in demand with clients and brands worldwide. Cynthia's endeavors include books, courses, events, spiritual art, eco-fashion, and her podcast. To learn more about her work, visit
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