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The word multipurpose is funny. For some reason we, well maybe it’s just us, but we used to associate it with something for work or even repairing or cleaning. We use it now to define what products will make the cut and what will not. At Intention, every garment is a multipurpose garment. In terms of the word multipurpose we define that as eco-friendly gar...

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The Art of Kindess

Built on a foundation of kindness, Intention Fashion strives to spread kindness with every interaction. Cynthia Srednicki, one of the founders of Intention, recalls first hearing the word kindness in Sunday School. "It stood out to me as one of the most achievable sounding virtues yet so elusive," says Srednicki. "Kindness is one of the easiest and most delightfu...

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Mix Earth-Friendly Costumes That Are As Easy To Duplicate

Holidays like Halloween are one of our favorite days on the calendar. The ancient ritual of dressing up on this day is powerful and adds vibrant colors to ones' life and soul. These rituals date back to the Celts to celebrate a bountiful harvest. Hence, trick or treating. Holidays like this are the foundation of a more civil and sophisticated world which are just...

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