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The Art of Kindess

Built on a foundation of kindness, Intention Fashion strives to spread kindness with every interaction. Cynthia Srednicki, one of the founders of Intention, recalls first hearing the word kindness in Sunday School. "It stood out to me as one of the most achievable sounding virtues yet so elusive," says Srednicki. "Kindness is one of the easiest and most delightful ways to live but let's be honest; it is one of the most challenging good habits to practice. There is an art to kindness that only practice can achieve." From creating a sustainable women's clothing line using kinder vendors and materials for mother earth to friendly online chats with potential customers, and even treating mother earth kindly by picking up litter, kindness is at the heart of every interaction at Intention. 

Sustainable Fashion

For those of you who are new to us, we created Intention Fashion from the ground up, focusing on kindness and sustainability. Intention's multipurpose fashion essentials are for people who care about our planet and actively seek solutions for their earth-friendly wardrobe. Every piece has been thoughtfully designed and sustainably sourced for a kinder impact for our plant and your wardrobe. During the design and development process, Cynthia focused her creative energies on four pillars. 

  • Kinder Silhouettes: Intention worked with many fit models during the
    sustainable maxi dress utilizes stretch cuffs and gathered tiers to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes. 
  • Biodiversity: To limit our environmental impact, Intention sourced a biodiverse blend of certified, sustainable, and eco-friendly trims and fabrics. Our biodiversity allowed us to spread our sustainable impact across different trim and fabric types. Visit our sustainability page to learn more about the other biodiverse materials used in our clothing. 
  • Slow Fashion: It is estimated that 84% of clothing ends up in landfills or incinerators, especially those pieces people only wear once. Cynthia focused on creating fashion essentials that are functional, comfortable, and versatile to prevent this from happening. Intention's women's ankle pants are a perfect example of function, comfort, and versatility since they are perfect for work or play.  
  • Vendor Awareness: Intention worked with a tight group of vendors and production partners, allowing us to minimize the supply chain and ensure ethical production. For example, our modern women's blazer made from eco-friendly Ponte Roma was made in Los Angeles with love like all of our clothing. 

HomeLife vs. Work Life

Over the years, it has been drilled into us to value work-life over home and personal lives, creating an imbalance. This imbalance continues to grow as many across the globe continue to work from home during these unprecedented times. Creating and maintaining a fulfilled and happy home and personal life balance begins with being kind to yourself. It is hard work to find balance that only practice can achieve. Cynthia believes, "It is important that your home and personal life is supported by your work, not the other way around." The first step in creating balance between home and work is disconnecting from technology. We like our conveniences and the superpowers our phones give to each of us. 

The shallower world demands our attention with endless images of beauty and success. This is why we are inundated with images of extreme success. It makes it difficult for us to maintain the focus needed to learn how to live healthier. "When I am kind to myself and disconnect from technology, I can focus on what is important: family, relationships, and our health. It has taken meditation and yoga for me to learn to live in kindness. That change, for the better, took some inner work that allowed me to live in a state of consciousness. Consciousness, your personal awareness, will enable you to find the healthiest balance between work and home life. Here are some ways to become kinder each day, says Cynthia. 

Tips for becoming kinder

  1. It starts with you, be kind to yourself. 
  2. Give compliments to others when least expected. You could make someone's day. 
  3. Remember, words hurt, so use them wisely. 
  4. Say hello and smile. It is good for you. 
  5. Remain tolerant of others' opinions and cultural backgrounds even in the face of adversity. 
  6. Share what you have with others - time, money, food, experiences, etc. Your lived experience could help someone in need. 

Whether we are engaging with our families, vendors, or happy customers, kindness is at the heart of everything we do. We want everyone to have a balanced healthy lifestyle built on treating everyone and everything well. That is the core sustainability; well-made decisions. At Intention, we put our customers and our well-being above profits. Follow us on Instagram at @Intention.Fashion for your daily dose of kindness and connect with Intention's new blog. 

*If you are interested in learning more about consciousness, we highly recommend listening to a spiritual leader such as Sadhguru. 


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