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The word multipurpose is funny. For some reason we, well maybe it’s just us, but we used to associate it with something for work or even repairing or cleaning. We use it now to define what products will make the cut and what will not. At Intention, every garment is a multipurpose garment. In terms of the word multipurpose we define that as eco-friendly garment’s that work: dressed up or down, can be worn for many occasions, moves with you, can be styled many ways, can be enjoyed by sensitive skin, takes into account the many shapes within sizes, is comfortable to wear all day, and lastly, is it well made? We are delighted to say yes to all of these questions, and with every style.

“If we aim to make inclusively designed clothing, we are more likely to be wearable by many people for years to come. Keeping those styles minimal, comfortable, and in performance level fabrics increases its wearability, which is paramount. As an eco-friendly brand, we celebrate clothing that is as multipurpose as it is multi-people. We will always strive to be a better solution,” states our Creative Director Cynthia Srednicki,



It is of the utmost importance that your clothing is comfortable. In our community we believe that apparel production should focus on making clothing that is eco-friendly but takes into account the many things that create limitations in its use. Our goal is to remove the factors that prevent the silhouette from being more user-friendly. If it’s not comfortable people will not use it.

Size Friendly

What do we mean by ‘takes into account the multiple shapes within each size’? We simply mean that most fashion designers have an ideal body they like to see their clothes on and therefore use fit models specific to one body type. By designing beautiful, tailored eco-friendly clothing and fitting those samples on multiple size fit models we can be more inclusive. It may sound boringly practical, but you can still have gorgeous clothing that have proven themselves by remaining in style for decades, generally because of the usability of its design.

Sensitive Skin

Why does that matter to us? It took us years to realize that we react to clothing dyes and metals. Basically, the poisonous clothing we have been wearing was making us sick. Once you learn a little about the dying process of most clothing you realize you are not crazy. The clothing we are allowing ourselves to wear is toxic. So, we really struggled to find sustainable clothing that doesn’t generally cause reactions. Better clothes that you can enjoy all day is our #1 goal. We know other women have this problem. So, if we were going to do this collection, then we were going aim to help women with more sensitive skin.

Design and Styling

Other qualities of Intention clothing are related to the style-ability of the design. Some designs are obvious choices that embrace all of these qualities. Our Ankle Pants work like “formal leggings”. The tailoring and pintuck give it professional polish while the 4 way stretch bamboo Ponte Roma allow many different shaped women to be able to wear the pants in many different ways. Other Intention pieces embrace these qualities on a whole other level. Our long sleeve mandarin blouse with removable pussybow is like three tops in one.


We ask of every Intention Sustainable Fashion Collection piece, like our Caftan Tunic Top & Caftan Tunic Dress in one; Can our tunic be dressed up or down? Can it be worn for many occasions? Does it move with you? Can it be styled many ways? It is comfortable for people with sensitive skin? Is it shape friendly? Meaning does it fit many sizes within each size? Can the design be styled many ways? If it meets all of those requirements, then it makes it into the collection.

Quality and Value

Finally, is it well made? We made our product where we could see it, right here in America with our highly respected production team. Manufacturing in America gives us the advantage of ensuring, in person, our clothes are as luxurious as they are eco-friendly.

We remove those factors so that you can shift with ease between family, house and work. These days they blend together unlike any other time in history. Now your clothes do to!


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